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One account for Unlimited Access to Our Interactive In-browser Learning Environments (for Instructors and Learners)



Pre-installed packages: Jupyter Lab 3, Visual debugger, nbgrader


R Studio

Full web-based IDE, Shiny apps, Rmarkdown files

JupyterHub brings the power of notebooks to groups of users. It gives users access to computational environments and resources without burdening the users with installation and maintenance tasks. Users - including students, researchers, and data scientists - can get their work done in their own workspaces on shared resources which can be managed efficiently by system administrators.
RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for R. R Studio Server allows users to access anytime, anywhere via a web browser
The JupyterHub and R studio services are open to Lakadimia instructors and learners.
No! One account is used across the lab hub allowing data scientists to seamlessly switch context between R and Python.
Yes, you can! In a Jupyter Notebook, you can use !pip install package-name or !conda install package-name to install a Python package. With R, you can use install.packages().
Yes! Jupyterhub is supercharged with tools that make automatic grading easier than ever. It provides inline feedback and releases it to students safely