Tarek Gasmi

Dr. Tarek is a University Teacher and Senior Data Scientist
He is the CEO and Co-Founder of DataDoIt, a startup specialized in Data Analytics solutions as well as the innovative approaches dedicated to an effective learning of AI-related subjects.
Tarek is the developer of many AI-powered applications (bestautoimmo.comcovid-19.data-doit.com…)
Tarek is also an expert in learning by doing and he has developed numerous online courses and tracks in the field of data science and machine learning
Tarek is an engineer in Statistics and Information Analysis (ENSI), Holding a Msc and Ph.D. in Computer Science (ENIT). He received an MBA with Data Analytics from Nottingham Business School
-Expert level in Data Exploratory Analysis
-Expert level in Data Analysis and Visualization using tools like: Pandas/NumPy/Matplotlib/Seaborn…
-Expert level Model building and benchmarking: scikit-learn, statsmodels,…
-Expert level model deployment and real-time analytics: Flask, Django, Gunicorn, Heroku, Dash
-Expert level in web scraping: Python, Beautiful Soup, Selenium..
-Expert level in statistics behind ML
-Expert in online learning, learning by doing and provocative-thinking learning strategies